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Карта озвучки

Язык озвучки: русский / Версия для ПК

Частота и периодичность обновлений: от 1 до 4 в месяц

Обновления перечислены в порядке выпуска

  • Why isn't voice acting free?
    The production of Russifier is carried out at our own expense, and the project is commercial. No company will operate at a loss. It is obvious. 😉
  • Есть ли у вас пробная версия Русификатора?
    Да, конечно. У нас имеется демонстрационная версия Русификатора, в Магазине ее стоимость составляет 300 руб. Ознакомительная версия содержит озвучку начала игры (кроме озвучки мужского персонажа) вплоть до выхода протагониста из Убежища 111. Вы можете приобрести и скачать пробную версию в нашем Магазине. Трейлер ознакомительной версии:
  • How to download Russian voice acting of Fallout 4?
    ​You can download the Russian voice acting of Fallout 4 immediately after subscribing to one of current rates. An automatic link to download content will be sent to your email after payment is completed. At the moment Russifier is at the production stage. However, you can already pre-purchase it now, after which you will receive early access to the current version of Russifier (see Voice map) and a subscription to all subsequent updates up to the final release, which will be sent to your mail.
  • What payment methods are available on your site?
    Residents and non-residents of the Russian Federation can use the payment method: LIFE PAY: Bank cards (Russian and foreign). Attention! When paying with foreign cards, payment is available only through the MasterCard system! Please see list of allowed countries . Residents of the Russian Federation can also use the following payment methods: QIWI Wallet, УMoney, Tinkoff, SberPay. Alternatively, you can choose the Plisio: Cryptocurrency Payment.
  • What part of the game has already been voiced?
    All information about the current voice acting, as well as Russifier updates, can be tracked in the section Voice Map.
  • I downloaded the voice acting, and it is in German. How to be?
    Please read the tariff description (product information) carefully! Crack is currently under production. Therefore, by making a pre-purchase, you get early access to the current version of the voice acting (that is, to the part of the voice acting that we managed to complete at the moment). You can track the status of voice acting in the corresponding section Voice Map. Accordingly, the ability to play under our Russian voice acting directly depends on the location of the game. For example, if you start the game from the very beginning, then everything is fully voiced there. Claims "I bought the voice acting, but it's in German" are not accepted! About the German language. To identify our Russifier, we put the voice acting on top of German, not English. That is why in early access, in the non-Russian part of the game, the characters will speak German.
  • Are the characters voiced by professional actors?
    But no. Our voice acting is done using a neural network through the use of the latest sound design technologies. If at the same time the voices of the characters are almost indistinguishable from human ones, then our idea is being successfully implemented 😎 The involvement of professional actors is carried out only for the voice acting of individual characters in the game that our neural network could not cope with. An example is Curie, who has a fairly distinct French accent. However, such voice acting will be available only for subscribers of the corresponding tariffs, and for all other gamers we will implement standard voice acting performed by a neural network. Below you can watch the trailer of our voice-over of Curie by a professional dubbing actor.
  • When will the final version of the Russian voice acting of Fallout 4 appear?
    The production of the Fallout 4 Russifier is carried out by us exclusively at our own expense. Based on the existing possibilities, we will try to release the final version of the voice acting as soon as possible. Before its release, we offer all fans of the game a pre-purchase of Russifier with a perpetual subscription to all subsequent updates, which will significantly speed up the production of the final version. Although we will have to work hard to release the final version, we will still try not to delay this process so that it does not take years 😏
  • Why are you doing Russian voice acting for Fallout 4 if another studio releases it?
    In another studio, the characters are voiced by live actors, and in our case, it is mostly a neural network. Release dates and production costs differ significantly. At the same time, the quality of voice acting remains at a high level. Accordingly, the financing of our voice acting is carried out at our own expense, and another studio attracts funds from gamers (crowdfunding technology).
  • How do I find out about the next update of the Fallout 4 Russifier?
    If you have booked one of our our rates, then all notifications will be sent in advance come to the post office. In any other case, you can track the latest updates on our website in the section Voice map 😉 The frequency of updates is from 1 to 4 per month. This means that we will try to release fresh updates almost every week! 😍
  • How to install Fallout 4 Russifier?
    To install Russifier, you need to unpack the contents of the archive into the Data folder with the game, while confirming the replacement of the file (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data). A brief installation guide can be downloaded here:
  • Будет ли работать ваша озвучка с обновлением Fallout 4 Next-Gen?
    Наша версия озвучки Fallout 4 полностью совместима с вышедшим обновлением Fallout 4 Next-Gen и будет успешно работать. Хоть обновление и причинило массу проблем и сбоев геймерам, на работу нашего контента это совершенно никак не повлияло.
  • Для чего вы продаете озвучку по частям?
    В нашем Интернет-Магазине Вы действительно можете приобрести озвучку лишь только отдельного персонажа (или нескольких персонажей Fallout 4), не покупая полную версию Русификатора. Для чего это нужно? Например, Вы уже где-то скачали русскую озвучку Fallout 4 от другого производителя, но Вам нравится как в нашем продукте озвучена Магнолия. Таким образом, Вы можете просто заменить голос Магнолии с помощью нашего мода, а остальной контент при этом останется без изменений. То же самое относится абсолютно ко всем персонажам и NPC. Просто установите купленный у нас мод с помощью Vortex, и он заменит голос соответствующего персонажа в игре, не затрагивая все остальные локализации.

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русская озвучка fallout 4 купить

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русская озвучка fallout 4 купить
русская озвучка fallout 4 купить
русская озвучка fallout 4 купить
русская озвучка fallout 4 купить
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